Truth is an interesting concept to ponder on. Wouldn’t we all agree that there seems to be some governing law or laws that we know when we are blindly going against them because negative results begin to happen within our lives. Of course we will not go to jail for minor offense but when we step completely out of line then it seems to land us no where good.


Let us first look at truth as a whole, or the knowledge of good and evil concept. Whether we admit it to our selves or not I firmly believe we all know when something wrong has happened such as 9/11 or natural disasters such as the tsunami in Japan, or the earth quake in Haiti, and We all feel wronged when taken advantage of or gossiped about. This where I like to start because everyone knows that there is wrong and if there is wrong then by definition there must be right. Just like there is a wrong and right way for driving on the street. There are these same principals in any area of life but for time sake lets look into finances.


With a little observation it is not very difficult to realize that some people are financially successful while others for the lack of a better term are not. Now is this because some are “lucky” and some are not, or is it by applying truth in the financial area. Well lets look at truly lucky people wouldn’t we all agree that winning the lottery is the luckiest thing someone can have happen to them. As it turns out though the majority of lottery winners end up the same place they were before and a lot of times even worse off than before. All this is because even though they came upon millions of dollars rather shortly they didn’t know, or apply the financial truth that would of kept them going and even increase the wealth they already had. Here is a fun fact did you know that 68% of billionaires created there wealth out of nothing. People like Sam Walton, Ray Croc, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs and many more started with nothing but built an empire though hard work and being able to apply the truths in the area of finances and others.
Here is a couple of applicable laws that will be able to set you off on the right foot financially. First read the Richest Man In Babylon it is a must read for anyone who would like to become financially independent. The first law that the book talks about is paying the church ten percent and pay yourself ten percent. How can we do this? A great way is to take it out before you even see it. Think about how much taxes come out of our pay checks but we don’t seem to notice too much because it is out before you can spend it. Why don’t we do that in order to set ourselves up financially instead of live paycheck to paycheck. That is one of many laws found in the book I would highly recommend reading the book if your goal is to feel more security in your life.


In closing I once heard a very wise man say this one thing that will forever change my life, he said “If you take the easy way out of life life will get harder, and if you take the hard way out of life life will get easier.” This is one of the most profound things that I have ever heard being young myself and many opportunities to have “fun” or live the college lifestyle but I saw that it was not getting the people the places they wanted to get. So I chose a different path. The path was though leadership and business even more it was through network marketing. I believe that this field has traditionally been one of the most difficult fields to rise to success just because how many people are involved. Nothing about myself but through, many times pounding my fist against the steering wheel and tears and many heartbreaks we are on our way to having a very, very, very easy life style financially. The quote rings true that what is hard pays off and that was is easy gives you a stomach ache. Hopefully this encourages you to win in any field that you find yourself in, and not to give in to being just average. This blog is for people who want to win in life even if you don’t feel like a winner right now. Just so you know join the crowd. Although this feeling can change at any moment you decide to. All that has to happen is follow the decision with consistent progress to your goal. And it will be achieved. Remember if it is hard, most likely it is right.