The Gift of Free Will

The Gift of Free Will

I personally believe that we are more than a big cosmic accident and that we were designed by a God who is seeking after a personal relationship with all of us, and because he is seeking for a romantic relationship he has bestowed on all of us the Gift of Free Will.

This gift separates us from all of nature, and us being a leader either in the family, work, church, or sports teams, ect. We have the choice to either be a failure or a success, we have the choice to live to our full potential or half. A man named Jim Rohn says it like this, “ if we have the potential to make a million dollars a year and we only make two hundred and fifty thousand than we are losing at that particular instant because we haven’t completed our reach,” and the way to increase the reach even further is through learning.

We are different than all of nature because you would never see a tree grow to half of it potential height, or a lion not keep searching for its next prey, or a whale doing just enough to get by. Why then it so common for people to be comfortable and settle for what they have? The bible says “in contentment there is great gain,” but no where does it say to settle for what you have.

You have the choice to live whatever type of life you want, and if you are proactive you can achieve anything. Do you want to live life by just getting by or do you want to excel, the choice is yours. DO CHOSE WISELY.


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